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Exploring the Best WordPress Nonprofit Themes for Your Organization


Choosing the Best WordPress Nonprofit Themes


Websites serve as crucial for charitable and nonprofit organisations to raise awareness and involve donors. Because of this, Best WordPress Nonprofit Themes profits include specialised functionality and aesthetics that efficiently support their mission and messages.

However since companies must find a balance between usefulness, aesthetics, and money, selecting the perfect theme for WordPress can be difficult.

To tackle this, we have evaluated and highlighted the top 18 Best WordPress Nonprofit Themes, taking into consideration several aspects including cost, user interface, & design quality.

  • Maisha:
  • Inspired by the Twenty Fifteen Best WordPress Nonprofit Themes that are installed by default, Maisha is well designed for NGOs and charities to effectively highlight events, causes, and raising money progress.

    It has adequate room on the site for advertising up to three primary causes and a header slider with video alternatives. To inform supporters of upcoming events, the subject matter also has an events calendar that can be easily customized.

    Because Maisha has a built-in page for the builder, it can be modified by using major third-party developers. The WordPress Customizer makes layouts, colors, & headers simple to modify for users.

    Compatibility with page builders. Use popular programs like Beaver Builder and WPBakery to improve site modification. Front page layouts. Select an image and video slider to be your header, then use it to show off different reasons and events across the home page. SEO-friendly design. To become more readily identifiable online, make sure that your website has been designed for search engines.

  • Hope:
  • Hope is a flexible theme with layout choices suited for various campaigns for fundraising and nonprofit organisations. Its simple form strikes a balance between utility and visual appeal.

    The event template is one of its most noteworthy features; it is made especially to help non-profits plan and promote events. These templates include choices for forms for event authorization, donation collection, and the sale of tickets.

    Mobile-optimised design. Make sure that utilising a smartphone or tablet is easy and quick. WooCommerce integration. Facilitate online sales and fundraisers with a smooth

    WooCommerce relationship. Multi-language support. Increase the global impact of your charity organisation by addressing a global audience.

  • Benevolent:
  • Benevolent is a no-cost Best WordPress Nonprofit Theme that's perfect for small charities, NGOs, and grassroots organisations looking to establish more legitimacy and reliability. It offers a straightforward customization panel in addition to a professional design that includes every function that is required.

    Notably, the website's home page features a statistics area that displays data that includes the total number of homes created or the number of people assisted. Further areas that encourage trust and engagement include the organisation's Intro and its Community section, which highlight active places.

    Although there is a version that's free, the $59 Pro version offers more features, including the GiveWP plugin, extra widgets, and plugin options. Integration of social media. Use social widgets to share and connect with ease.

    Stat counter division. To increase trust and influence, highlight your homepage's significant achievements and analytics. Cross-browser compatibility. Improve the user's experience on popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Google Chrome.

  • Chariti:
  • Chariti is a premium Best WordPress Nonprofit Themes that stands out thanks to its elegant style and numerous capabilities. It may help in developing a user-friendly charity and non-profit website that effectively promotes their mission and attracts donations.

    An element of Charity that makes online donations simpler to use and helps charities get regular funding is built right in. From the WordPress dashboard, its extensive places facilitate the leadership of donor member accounts, notification email settings, and donation tracking.

    Installing Chariti on your website, built with WordPress, is all it takes to get started. Make use of its one-click sample import functionality for a rapid setup. After that, users use the integrated drag-and-drop page builder to alter the pre-designed designs.

    Membership system. Encourage volunteers by providing them with an easy-to-use dashboard where they can track their contributions and receipts. WooCommerce integration. Enable easy fundraising and electronic donation management. Translation support. Be translation-ready, with assistance in right-to-left (RTL) dialects, to reach an international audience.

  • Alone:
  • Modern Best WordPress Nonprofit Themes Alone's creative design and striking colour scheme assist charities and charitable groups in creating a powerful visual impact.

    With one click, customers may import a variety of pre-built demos featuring several single-page designs that the theme offers. With more than 80 shortcodes and 240-page designs, Alone offers a great deal of creative flexibility.

    In order to simplify the process of raising money, Giving Alone also offers event management tools and donation plugins. Improve the functionality of the shopping cart. Make the contribution and goods checkout processes simpler. Extensive creative demo possibilities. With a variety of page designs and shortcodes, users can enhance the look and feel of your website. More than 800 Google Fonts. Ensure an individual appearance by customising the typography on your online presence. 

  • BigHearts:
  • The Best WordPress Nonprofit Themes of Big Hearts places a strong emphasis on visual storytelling. Rich media aids, interactive parts, and a variety of blog and showcase designs help it accomplish this. BigHearts has a fully adaptable design and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop header builder that lets users modify it to make their online presence shine out.

    Once the theme has been downloaded on your site built with WordPress, you can quickly create an interesting website by importing its demo with only one click. GiveWP interaction. Collect and monitor donations, interact with contributors, and optimise the impact of your project.

    Friendly page builder for users. Designs for sites can be built and altered with the page builder provided by Elementor. Pre-made inner pages. Select from a range of pre-made pages to clearly and effectively explain your cause.

  • Grassroots:
  • The theme Grassroots was created with local movements and community organizations in mind. It places a strong emphasis on a warm, welcoming style that promotes a close relationship with the neighbourhood.

    Users may simply explore the theme's modification options and prepared templates thanks to its simple setup and user-friendly design. Grassroots differentiates itself from other not-for-profit themes in that it has elements that are helpful to grassroots and local groups. These consist of sponsor and staff pages, contact widgets, and staff pages.

    Calendar of events. Emphasise and monitor upcoming activities, ensuring the community is informed. Videos and pictures are in full-screen mode. Convey your mission with appealing pictures to boost site appeal. Dedicated space for a blog. Start a blog and utilise it to keep your community updated and interested in common entries.

  • Charity Foundation:
  • The Best WordPress Nonprofit Themes Charity Foundations is perfect for online fundraising campaigns because it blends a sophisticated look with simple-to-operate functionality. Its design is centred on attention-grabbing animation effects as well as obvious calls to action.

    The theme distinguishes itself by having an integrated contribution mechanism that doesn't need any additional WordPress plugins. Sophisticated functions like donor management and recurring gifts are also available. Upon installing Charity Foundations on your site running on WordPress, you can use the integrated theme options panel to begin customising it. The theme comes with several simply importable pre-designed home pages as well as content designs. Improved speed. Ensure an effortless user experience, cut down on visitor waiting times, and raise general activity.

    The design is responsive and retina-ready. Retina-ready graphics and elements that seem crisp and clear on displays with a high resolution enhance visual appeal. PayPal has a relationship with Stripe. Arrange convenient and safe donation interactions.

  • HelpingHands:
  • Organisations looking for a dynamic web presence may find HelpingHands appealing because of its flexible layout possibilities, which can be used for a range of fundraising efforts and volunteer management.

    The theme's one-click sample import and the Visual Composer add-ons streamline setup and customization. In addition, it connects with WooCommerce, making it simple to create an online company that can take donations.

    Integration with Visual Composer. Simply customise your website by installing and downloading this free WordPress plugin. Campaign design for multiple payments. Choose between a list or grid style for the "Our Causes" page, and utilise an altered slider to draw attention to different issues on the homepage. Templates for multiple pages. Streamline the setup of your website by using different templates for each part.

  • Oxpins:
  • Oxpins is a strong theme that is renowned for being extremely adaptable and user-friendly. It has a control panel that combines style and functionality to make maintaining sites easier.

    The theme has a broad modification process and an easy setup. Custom page designs and WordPress Customizer tools, which let users mix and match elements from several demos, are useful.

    Oxpins works particularly well for modern one-page websites; its designs are simple and elegant, but they can also be simply customized for larger, multi-page projects. Content blocks. Content can be categorized and displayed with adaptable blocks. Live Customizer interface. Use the Live Customizer to quickly modify and see changes to your online presence. Animations in CSS3. Your website will look more interactive and contemporary if you employ eye-catching, dynamic animations.

  • Sydney:
  • Sydney is a free theme from aThemes with a clean look and adaptable features for businesses looking to establish a contemporary, expert online presence. The theme's competent design and versatility strike a balance between enough customization opportunities and a polished appearance.

    Sydney is easy to install and, once enabled, lets you easily change features like colours, layouts, and header pictures using the WordPress Customizer. Presets for a simple layout. It's simple to make professional websites just for charities.

    Lightweight structure. Make sure web pages load quickly to improve the visitor experience and engagement. Module for creating templates. Acquire easy page layout modifications for creating unique sites.

  • Sterling:
  • The polished and flexible theme Sterling was developed for non-profit websites with a comprehensive donation management system in mind. Donors can adjust the amount and quantity of their recurring donations with the theme's options for customization. Organisations can use it to track donor actions and generate tax receipts.

    Sterling additionally allows the release of fundraising objectives, which fosters a sense of immediacy and competitiveness that may increase donations made via the Internet. Recurring donations. Give contributors additional choices for how they wish to pay.

    Income reporting is integrated. Integrate the information on your form with Google Analytics to get complete information regarding its performance. Exchange of currencies for donors. Improve the ability to convert contributions globally and let each form specify the currency. 

  • Pure Hearts:
  • Pure Hearts is known for its smart design, which successfully blends practical features with visual appeal to establish a strong online presence.

    The WordPress interface offers templates that are easily customizable with the theme. For extensive customizations, it supports well-known page builders like the Beaver Builder and Gutenberg.

    Along with being compatible with WooCommerce, it offers several tools to assist you in building the ideal layout. Design-wise, the theme's interchangeable scheme of colors and typographic opportunities allow it to complement any brand identity.

    The design is responsive and retina-ready. Enable an effective visual experience across all platforms. Creative customization of typography. Make use of a wide range of typographic substitutes to give your website a polished look. Compatibility of Contact Form 7. Easily integrate with Contact Form 7 to manage relationships effectively and simply.

  • Kunco:
  • Kunco is a full-featured and adaptable WordPress theme designed to meet the demands of charities looking to raise cash.

    Because of Bootstrap 5's current arrangement, it's perfect for building captivating and intuitive websites. WPBakery and Revolution Slider's connection makes it simpler to create interactive pages, resulting in greater donor interaction.

    In addition, Kunco comes with necessary built-in features like volunteer management, organising an event, and donation processing, providing an effortless user interface without unduly depending on plugins from other developers. Compatibility with the WPBakery page designer. It is completely compatible with WPBakery, enabling easy dragging and dropping of page modifications and creations.

    Mailchimp integration. An email advertising tool for campaign updates and outreach to communities. Compatibility with the child theme. Safe and lasting modification of your website's appearance and features.

  • Charity Plus:
  • The comprehensive fundraising features and easy-to-use interface of Charity Plus allow it to stand out. For categories looking to effectively raise funds while conveying their goals simply, this theme is ideal.

    Its advanced contribution system makes it possible to create intricate fundraising campaigns that involve PayPal and other innovative payment methods. Additionally, Charity Plus offers clear campaign progress tracking.

    The theme options panel, featuring several pre-built pages as well as designs, allows you to modify the theme once it has been installed on your site using WordPress.

    There are plenty of possibilities for homepage layout. Provide a variety of homepage designs so that your content can be presented in a way that remains unique and adaptable.

    Donate integration for plugins. Construct an effective contribution system with this SpyroPress plugin. Features associated with localization. To reach an international audience, support regional setups and several languages.

  • Anova:
  • Anova is a flexible WordPress theme with useful features that is ideal for a range of charitable organisations. Its eye-catching design stands out. Through interactive animations that appear as users browse through parts and linger over elements, its home page offers a dynamic experience for users.

    The theme provides a minimum of five options for contribution pages, enabling organisations to ensure transparency and provide accurate data. To boost audience involvement, it also has blog sites and event calendars. GiveWP connection. Simplify the procedure of receiving donations, make it easier to look over reports, and effectively handle contributors.

    Pages for events and contributions. Develop particular locations to inform contributors, encourage generosity, and ease attendance at events. Mobile-first design. Make sure that the experience on tablets and smartphones is excellent and responsive.

  • Krowd:
  • The concept of Krowd is perfect for social movements and crowdfunding campaigns since it has a modern, attractive style that highlights community-driven projects.

    In addition to HTML5 and CSS3, the organisation theme is constructed using straightforward, modern technologies like SASS and Bootstrap 4. This results in a clear and flexible website layout.

    Notably, the subject matter is fully compatible with WordPress Crowdfunding and WooCommerce, thereby rendering it ideal for sites that need advanced fundraising and eCommerce features.

    Form for submission. Provide a simple-to-use submission form; this is perfect for crowdfunding campaigns and getting feedback from the local community. Integration of Font Awesome. Select from an array of user-friendly symbols to make sure that your website is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. WooCommerce assistance. Using WooCommerce, you can accept payments to facilitate online sales.

  • Goodwish:
  • The modern theme Goodwish is renowned for its captivating and adaptable design. Goodwish assists in generating useful and aesthetically pleasing pages that highlight the reasons for your organisation with a variety of layout options.

    Due to the theme's GiveWP integration, users may collect money and accept donations. Donors will find it simpler to make contributions thanks to this functionality, which streamlines charitable and donation operations.

    Additionally, Goodwish was designed with mobile devices in mind, meaning that it works best and is responsive on tablets and smartphones.

    Templates and an event calendar. Organise and present events in a tidy and effective manner. Integration of social media. To boost the reach of your work, link your social media accounts through the use of social symbol widgets. Extensive library of shortcodes. For causes, incidents, project talks, and picture galleries use shortcodes.


    To choose the ideal theme for your nonprofit or charitable organization, you have to find the correct balance between cost-effectiveness, visual appeal, and simplicity of use. The top 19 non-profit and charitable themes are provided here for your perusal, but we've selected a few that stand out:

    Chariti: Extremely user-friendly and ideal for thorough donation management. Kunco is an excellent choice for adaptability and customization, assisting with charity fundraising. Charity Foundation: recognized for its excellent volunteer management and fundraising integrations. Benevolent: A polished, contemporary aesthetic that may improve credibility.

    The best topic for your company is one that advances your mission, fits in with your goals, and effectively engages your target market. As a result, give serious consideration to what you want and how those top themes for WordPress could meet them.


  • What Is the Cost of Non-Profit WordPress Themes:
  • Themes for WordPress can be obtained for free or for more than $100. While themes for free only offer the bare minimum, premium themes usually come with more customization opportunities, improved security, and superior support, in addition to advanced features.

  • For nonprofits, is WordPress free:
  • For medium-sized and big nonprofit websites, WordPress is a great option because it's free to obtain and configure. When contrasted to other web-based content management systems (CMSs), WordPress is simple to use and learn. Using "themes" to beautify a website is easy.

  • What Benefits Do WordPress Nonprofit Themes Offer:
  • There are unique benefits to employing a non-profit WordPress theme, such as social network integration, donation integration, and pre-made layouts that are customized for non-profit requirements. The success of charities depends on these themes' ability to increase visitor interaction and simplify website management.

  • What WordPress non-profit templates need:
  • Themes for WordPress non-profits that have gained popularity are Benevolent, Charity Foundation, and Helping Hands. Themes like these are popular since they are easy to alter to meet different non-profit needs, have an intuitive design, and allow for contributions.

  • Does WordPress work well for nonprofit organizations:
  • Although it's not the sole choice, WordPress is among the most often used web hosting platforms for nonprofits. This is because of its large support network, user-friendly interface, and interoperability with a wide range of software programs.