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Did you know that global retail e-commerce sales will hit an incredible 5.2 trillion dollars in 2021? Experts predict that by 2026, this amount will have increased by 56% to a total of 8.1 trillion dollars.

The online shopping industry has grown significantly in the last several years, and this tendency doesn't appear to be abating. Business owners have switched to WordPress, the content management system with the greatest popularity on the internet, and are using its features, such as themes created by WordPress for online stores, to build their e-commerce websites.

What is an eCommerce theme for WordPress:

We need to have a discussion about "what a WordPress store template is" before going into WordPress (wp) eCommerce themes.

Online shopping Your WordPress site's overall layout and arrangement are determined by its theme. These themes—also referred to as WordPress templates for e-commerce—are made expressly to include the features and capabilities required for an online business.

This covers a lot of matters, such as checkout procedures, categories of goods, and shopping carts. An appropriate WordPress e-commerce theme will enhance the appearance of your store, motivate users to stay on it longer, and provide a simple and easy buying procedure for your clients.

Why is an e-commerce theme necessary for WordPress:

"Why do you need a theme for the WordPress platform for eCommerce?" is a question occasionally posed by people who are acquainted with WordPress themes. This issue has a simple fix.

Your online store's usability and aesthetic will determine its success the most. Make certain that your products and services are not nearly as important as their appearance and customer service. Let's look at the necessity it is to choose an appropriate e-commerce template for your online store.

  • Expert Presentation:
  • When consumers visit an online store, they quickly determine its legitimacy by paying attention to minute elements such as content quality and appearance. Having an elegant appearance might make the difference between a quick exit and a sale.

    Professionally created WordPress shopping themes have a nice appearance, increase credibility, and foster reliability, which encourages fresh visitors to trust the site enough to make a purchase. A trustworthy and properly maintained website has a higher chance of attracting customers.

  • Safety:
  • The basis of an online business for managing private information, such as credit card numbers, transaction histories, and customer names and addresses, is an e-commerce website. Because this data is so important, these websites are often the target of cybercriminals.

    Since they understand how important it is to have strong protection, WordPress e-commerce templates are primarily created with security as their first concern. They include enhanced security techniques, SSL certificate support, and defences against common internet dangers like cross-site scripting and injections of SQL code.

  • Integrated Features and Capabilities:
  • While plugins allow you to add more features to your website, it can be useful to have certain built-in functions. Seek out WordPress ecommerce themes featuring wishlists, a quick view, and additional characteristics unique to the eCommerce industry.

    Important Information Remember to preserve the balance of your plugins. Having too many built-in functions may cause the theme to bloat and affect performance.

  • SEO Benefits:
  • Being visible is half the battle in the wide world of the internet marketplace. Here's if SEO becomes helpful: SEO-friendly structures are a feature of a well-coded eCommerce theme. Search engine best practices are taken into consideration when developing them.

    This compatibility guarantees free of errors and effective code, quicker page loads, and maximum website performance—all of which have an impact on search engine rankings.

    Schema markup is also frequently integrated into e-commerce themes, which improves the website's internet search engine exposure. The overall result? A significant rise in organic traffic and possible earnings as a result.

  • Speed Optimization:
  • Slow-loading websites are terrible for business. They discourage people from going to websites and render shopping unpleasant.

    Fast page loads are crucial for retaining customers, and speed-optimised themes do this by ensuring that users are interested.

    An additional significant ranking element for search engines is the speed at which pages load. Having a website that displays quickly can help you rank better in search results and outperform rivals.

    What to Consider Before Selecting a WordPress eCommerce Theme—Free and Paid:

    It can be difficult to decide which of the many premium as well as free WordPress store themes available today would be best for the website you have on WordPress.

    It's crucial to keep in mind that your shop's performance can be greatly impacted by the theme you select. But how can you choose the finest option when you've got numerous choices to choose from?

    Let's examine the key considerations for selecting a WordPress eCommerce theme.

  • Adaptability to Mobile:
  • As was already mentioned, mobile devices are now the primary means of conducting internet shopping. To accommodate users of mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers, your theme selection must adjust to various screen sizes.

  • Speed and Performance:
  • There are impatient online shoppers. Cart abandonment can occur when a page loads slowly, even for a few milliseconds. It is therefore imperative that your WordPress theme be speed-optimised.

    Look for lightweight themes when perusing WordPress ecommerce options. Themes that avoid overwhelming themselves with functionality seem to work well.

  • The suitability of plugins:
  • There are no built-in eCommerce features in WordPress. To access e-commerce capabilities, consumers must instead utilise e-commerce plugins like WooCommerce.

    Make sure a theme is fully compatible with the eCommerce plugin of your choice before deciding on it. This degree of compatibility guarantees that your website can utilise each feature of the plugin without any problems, giving your customers the best possible purchasing experience.

  • SEO-Friendly:
  • For your online store to receive organic traffic, search engine optimization, or SEO, is essential. An SEO-friendly theme for WordPress is well-coded, conforms to best practices, and is organised to facilitate easier indexing and crawling by search engines.

    Combine this with your own off-page and on-page SEO initiatives to increase the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) presence of your store.

    Top WordPress themes for eCommerce:

    The top ten WordPress ecommerce themes available at the present time are displayed below:

  • Jevelin:
  • Jevelin stands out as one of the best WordPress e-commerce themes because of its demos, which only require one click to install. For those looking to start an online store quickly and without needing to spend hours setting things up, Jevelin is the perfect theme.

    One of its most notable features is the vast collection of pre-made samples that enable users to quickly set up an online store with a polished appearance.

    The Jevelin demos follow all the greatest e-commerce procedures and prioritize good quality. Additionally, because they are totally configurable, businesses are able to alter their layout to better reflect the aesthetics and branding of their choice.

  • Kalium:
  • Because Kalium offers premium plugins for the subject matter, it's one of the greatest WordPress e-commerce themes. Plugins such as Slider Revolution and WPBakery Page Builder may significantly enhance the customer service provided by an online store.

    Store owners can develop compelling landing pages, eye-catching product sliders, and more with the aid of these tools. The greatest benefit is that customers may access these premium products without paying extra, which is fantastic news for startups and small businesses that may be operating on a tight budget.

    As one of the best WordPress e-commerce concepts, Kalium provides everything entrepreneurs need to build an excellent online shopping platform by including these elements within the package.

  • Divi:
  • One e-commerce theme for WordPress, Divi, has changed the way WordPress users create websites. Divi Builder is the distinctive drag-and-drop tool at the center of this makeover, offering endless possibilities.

    Without writing just one line of code, proprietors of e-commerce websites may use this tool to build unique checkouts, pages for products, and more.

    Because of the Divi Builder's simple interface, even non-technical users can create an online store that reflects their ideas. This capacity for adaptation is a big help in the constantly evolving digital business.

  • ShoppingCart:
  • The main benefit of ShoppingCart is that it can do more than simply list products. Rather, it highlights them. Its design idea focuses on displaying objects in all of their beauty.

    Potential customers are able to thoroughly investigate product details thanks to features such as zoom-in capability, and alternatives such as color selection previews create a tangible impression that resembles an in-store experience. Purchase choices can be greatly affected by such intricate displays of products, especially when buying items where specific details are important.

  • Webify:
  • By rejecting the idea of preset demos, Webify differentiates itself from comparable WordPress e-commerce themes. Instead, its most notable feature is a modular structure that lets consumers select parts from other demonstrations and combine them to build a custom online store design.

    For companies that want to offer their e-commerce site a unique design but lack the resources for developing a theme from scratch, this is extremely useful.

    They can make sure that their shop stands out from others and provides an experience for customers that is uniquely theirs by utilising Webify.

  • Astra:
  • Astra is innovative in the WordPress e-commerce theme space, mostly because of its outstanding performance and focus.

    The theme offers consumers an enjoyable experience, loading in less than 0.5 seconds. Its lightweight basis distinguishes it from other WordPress templates by refraining from overloading the site with extraneous code.

    Astra adheres to all coding standards in order to ensure that every code is optimised and uses fewer resources—less than 50 KB—than other WordPress e-commerce templates.

  • Uncode:
  • Uncode's Adaptive Images System is the main feature that sets it out as one of the greatest WordPress online shopping themes.

    In the era of many devices with various sizes and resolutions, it is essential to website design that images load correctly. By dynamically displaying the best-fitting picture according to your visitor's screen size, Uncode takes the guesswork out of web design.

    This reduces the rate of loading and unnecessary data use while guaranteeing the best possible visual experience. This feature has the potential to seriously impact both the user experience and sales for websites selling goods online, where product imagery plays an important part.

  • Woostify:
  • Woostify takes happiness in being designed specifically for WooCommerce, which is the most commonly utilised WordPress eCommerce plugin. Features that simplify the web-based buying experience are the result of this focus.

    Wishlist support is one function that lets users save items they enjoy for later. You may quickly examine a product without exiting the page by using the quick view function.

    In an effort to increase cart conversion rates, the checkout process is designed to minimise potential friction points.

  • Ultra (Themify):
  • The design stage of starting an online business is one of the most difficult. Ultra differentiates itself among the best WordPress e-commerce templates in this regard. The primary benefit it offers is that it makes the design process simpler by providing an extensive selection of pre-made skins and demo websites that are appropriate for various company categories.

    For any e-commerce company in any niche—be it technology, fashion, the arts, or other services—Ultra offers a skin. Each skin and demo showcases an individual aesthetic, ensuring that your e-commerce website won't seem to be just another generic site.

    Additionally, the import procedure is accelerated. You may quickly set up the website to look just like the test version before you further tweak it to fit the style of your brand.

  • Botiga:
  • One of the top WordPress ecommerce themes, Botiga, stands out due to its simple style. It puts your products at the forefront by removing any unnecessary or distracting components.

    This approach to design makes sure that consumers' focus stays on the things they care about most, such as the products you're selling. Botiga offers an empty canvas that complements rather than overshadows the products of companies that believe in subtle elegance and want customers to notice their offerings.


    Selecting WordPress ecommerce themes is of greater significance than looks. It has a big impact on how consumers view your brand, use your website, and have an effortless buying experience. A well-chosen theme can improve your online store's functionality and make it simpler for customers to browse, select, and buy goods and services. Additionally, it assists in speeding up load times and guarantees that the website appears great on any and every type of device.

    The top WordPress e-commerce templates covered above fulfil every requirement that should be addressed when choosing a theme. But it's crucial to keep mindful that, if it's not hosted on a reliable platform, even the best-designed website for e-commerce could malfunction. The success of an online store depends heavily on the speed, uptime, and safety of its website. Picking an effective theme is just as essential as choosing a dependable hosting company.


    1. What qualities should a WordPress e-commerce theme have?

    It's crucial to take into account multiple factors when selecting a WordPress e-commerce theme, including responsiveness, excellent design, opportunities for customization, compatibility with e-commerce plugins like WooCommerce, page loading speeds, user reviews, and theme developer upgrades and support.

    2. How can I set up an e-commerce WordPress theme?

    A WordPress e-commerce template can be installed by logging into the dashboard for WordPress, selecting Appearance > Themes, clicking the "Add New" switch, uploading the theme file, and searching the WordPress.org template directory for the selected theme. To enable the chosen theme on your web page after it has been successfully installed, select "Activate."

    3. What qualities should a WordPress e-commerce theme have in common?

    It's crucial to take into consideration various aspects when selecting a WordPress e-commerce theme, including adaptability, high-quality design, opportunities for customization, compatibility with e-commerce plugins such as WooCommerce, page loading speeds, user reviews, and theme developer updates and support.

    4. Can I use a complimentary WordPress theme for e-commerce to run my online store?

    Indeed, you may utilise a free WordPress ecommerce template for your online store. High-quality free themes with professional designs and necessary e-commerce functionalities are widely accessible. However, you may wish to think about getting a premium theme when you have certain needs or desire additional functionality.

    5. Is it essential to integrate my WordPress e-commerce theme with the WooCommerce plugin?

    While not required, incorporating the WooCommerce plugin with your WordPress e-commerce theme is strongly advised. One of the most well-liked e-commerce platforms for WordPress is WooCommerce. When you integrate it with your theme, you can take advantage of strong e-commerce capabilities, secure payment methods, and an extensive selection of extensions to improve your online store.