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Video WordPress Embedding Techniques

Unlocking Video Power: Simple and Fast WordPress Embedding Techniques


Enhance Your Website with Seamless Video Integration

As video content is so effective, 86% of firms use it as a marketing strategy. If you don't know how to embed videos on your WordPress site, you're undoubtedly passing up prospects for lead generation and engagement.

The demand for video marketing grows year after year, with internet users spending more time watching this form of material. Fortunately, embedding videos in a WordPress page or post is a simple process, so you can jump on board quickly. In this article, we will go through the benefits of video content, numerous techniques for adding videos to your WordPress site, and some instances of how you may use videos right away. Let's get this party started!

What Are the Advantages of Including Videos on Your Website?

When it comes to marketing, videos are just another tool in your arsenal, but they are a powerful one. Videos, in general, make greater use of your digital real estate than photographs or text.

In other words, a video can take up the same amount of space as an image or a paragraph of text while lasting minutes or hours. In terms of information per square inch, video content is the most efficient use of space on your website.

By allowing videos into your material, you gain access to more shareable content, as there are probably certainly videos connected to your topic that are widely available online. Similarly, any video material you generate may be quickly shared on practically all social media sites and is frequently effective for paid advertisements. Visitors' engagement and Search Engine Optimization can both benefit from video content (SEO). Videos have been demonstrated to enhance the average time on a page, which is a favorable ranking factor for Google and other search engines.

Last but not least, providing your audience with videos gives them another content alternative. While not everyone prefers video in every context, evidence suggests that the majority of internet users place a high value on video content. As a result, it can be highly beneficial as an additional channel for communicating with your users.

How to Insert a Video into a WordPress Post or Page

Fortunately, WordPress makes inserting video content into your sites and posts a breeze. The three strategies listed below can help you start using videos on your site right away.

 1. Insert the URL into Your Page or Post Automatically

Most of the time, all you have to do to add a video to a WordPress page or post is paste the link where you want the video to appear. WordPress will automatically detect and embed the video for you.

You can then edit the video's parameters or move it around as needed:

It is important to note that if you are utilizing your video, it must be uploaded somewhere that you can link to to use this method. For instance, you could submit your film to YouTube and then include a link to it in your article.

 2. Add Video Blocks

WordPress also includes an option for embedding videos via blocks. Simply create a new block and look for "video" options:

This will enter a video block with the options of uploading a video file from your computer, adding a video from your Media Library, or inserting a video from a URL. Simply select the option you want to use and the video or URL you want to embed: Each of these ways will generate a video block that can be easily edited and relocated. Adding the video to your Media Library allows you to simply add the same video to other pages and posts.

 3. Make Use of Plugins to Display Videos Easily

Several plugins provide advanced functionality to the default techniques for embedding movies in WordPress. If you want to use videos frequently or want more customizing possibilities, the following tools are worth investigating. Just keep in mind that you'll need a plugin-enabled plan to install these (and many other) plugins if you have a WordPress.com site.

 4. Responsive Video Embedder Advanced

Advanced Responsive Video Embedder enhances several essential features while remaining simple to use. To begin with, ARVE makes all of your WordPress videos responsive, enhancing their usefulness on mobile devices.

It also expands your possibilities for video names, descriptions, and metadata, which might aid in SEO:

ARVE supports practically any video host, making downloading and Videos from anywhere on the internet simple. This plugin also includes support for shortcodes, CSS, and the option to configure video alignment and maximum widths. ARVE also provides some additional settings, such as the ability to disable Auto& Play and display related video suggestions (where available), allowing you to keep your visitors' attention on your site.

Simple Video Player

Easy Video Player, as the name says, makes embedding videos exceedingly simple. While WordPress's default options for embedding videos are simple to begin with, occasionally you want a little more control without a bunch of capabilities you'll never use

You can use the Easy Video Player plugin to insert responsive videos that your audience will enjoy on mobile devices. It accomplishes this through the use of customized short codes:

It also supports HTML5 for improved browser compatibility, so you never have to worry about strange viewers or non-standard browsers. Furthermore, Easy Video Player includes the ability to mute, loop, or Auto play videos with the push of a button. These tools are provided in an easy-to-use bundle, allowing you to improve your video without any hassle.

integrating video content seamlessly into your WordPress website can significantly enhance user engagement, improve SEO rankings, and provide a more interactive experience for visitors. Video content offers various benefits, including increased shareability, better utilization of digital real estate, and diversified content options. WordPress provides easy methods for embedding videos, such as pasting video URLs, using video blocks, and leveraging plugins for advanced functionality.

Plugins like Advanced Responsive Video Embedder and Easy Video Player offer additional features for optimizing video display and user experience. By incorporating video content effectively, you can tap into the growing demand for video marketing and attract more leads and engagement to your website.


  • Why is video content important for websites?

Video content is essential for websites because it offers a more engaging and dynamic way to communicate information. It helps in increasing user engagement, improving SEO rankings, providing shareable content, and diversifying content options for users.

  • How can I embed videos on my WordPress site?

You can embed videos on your WordPress site using various methods, including pasting the video URL directly into a post or page, using video blocks within the Gutenberg editor, or utilizing plugins for advanced video embedding features.

  • Are there any benefits to using video plugins for WordPress?

Yes, video plugins for WordPress offer additional functionalities and customization options for embedding and displaying videos. They can help in making videos responsive, optimizing for SEO, enhancing user experience, and providing control over video playback settings.

  • Do I need a plugin-enabled plan to use video plugins on WordPress.com?

Yes, if you are using a WordPress.com site and want to install plugins like video embedders, you will need a plan that supports plugins. Plugin functionality is available in certain paid plans on WordPress.com.

  • What are some recommended video plugins for WordPress?

Some recommended video plugins for WordPress include "Advanced Responsive Video Embedder" (ARVE) for responsive video embedding with customization options, and "Easy Video Player" for simplified video embedding with features like mute, loop, and Autoplay controls.